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New to this year's collection is the AV7701. This is extreme versatility purified. Not only does it ..
₹ 166,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 166,000.00
  For the ultimate music and home theater surround sound experience, the Marantz AV8801 A/..
₹ 260,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 260,000.00
The new CD5005 incorporates everything its predecessor, the CD5004, offered including the Marantz-ow..
₹ 25,500.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 25,500.00
OVERVIEW The CD6005 is designed to deliver the utmost musical fidelity, and features a range of r..
₹ 38,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 38,000.00
This easy-to-use unit is your open doorway to an endless supply of new digital media. The network fe..
₹ 45,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 45,000.00
SLEEK DESIGN – SOUNDS DIVINE The moment you see the new M-CR610 you'll know that this latest inca..
₹ 59,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 59,000.00
The moment you see the M-CR611 you’ll know that this latest incarnation is pure refinement. With a h..
₹ 66,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 66,000.00
OVERVIEW The MM7025 is this year’s ideal two-channel main amplifier with a whopping 140W rms into..
₹ 59,500.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 59,500.00
The new MM7055 is the five-channel option in this year’s extended line-up of main amplifiers. Based ..
₹ 79,900.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 79,900.00
OVERVIEWS: Designed for the ultimate music and movie surround sound experience, the Marantz MM807..
₹ 166,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 166,000.00
Wherever your favourite music is stored, you can now enjoy it in crystal clarity, because the NA8005..
₹ 79,900.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 79,900.00
Overview   Designed to deliver a thrilling sonic experience, the NR1506 A/V receiver fe..
₹ 48,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 48,000.00
If you (or more likely, your partner) don’t want big, imposing cabinets in your living room, then co..
₹ 65,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 65,000.00
Overview   Discover a thrilling new dimension in surround sound with the NR1606 A/V recei..
₹ 57,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 57,000.00
New to the Marantz collection, this excellent entry-level integrated amplifier breaks all the rules...
₹ 24,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 24,000.00