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Curve shape Brass body Brass keys High F#-key Hardened steel springs  C#/Bb-connected table ke..
₹ 23,116.97
Ex Tax: ₹ 23,116.97

DETAILS: Boehm system Hard rubber body Nickel silver keys, silver plated 17 keys, 6 ring..
₹ 9,702.89
Ex Tax: ₹ 9,702.89

Nickel silver headjoint, body and keys silver plated Split E PISONI pads Wooden case with cover ..
₹ 9,638.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 9,638.00

Ideal for the averaged sized beginner with full range to high F#. Designed for good key action and e..
₹ 26,453.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 26,453.00

This Roy Benson trumpet features a custom-designed asymmetric tuning slide, bell and bows for better..
₹ 10,206.00
Ex Tax: ₹ 10,206.00